Chris Bowen

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J. Chris Bowen

j. chris bowen

chief technology officer

Company Background

Cohber provides industry-leading print solutions while offering world class customer service that reflects our desire to meet and exceed evolving client objectives. Both local and national companies trust our knowledge and expertise in producing high-impact graphic communication and marketing materials to successfully accomplish their goals. From initial concept and strategic development through to program execution and ROI measurement, Cohber drives results proven to earn clients a higher rate of return on their investments in a cost effective manner.

Where are you located?
Rochester, NY

What does your company do? 
Industry Leading Print Solutions

What’s your company USP?
Our brand represents maintaining the craft of high quality printing using both offset and digital production.

What equipment do you run?
Offset and Digital

What’s been your proudest achievement?
We have been able to successfully transform the business with a unified workflow that does not separate digital and offset making us truly a commercial printer that can handle nearly any request our customers request.

What is going to be your biggest challenge in the future?
Doing more with the same. Increasing production capacity while maintaining the same standards and costs.

What really annoys you in business?
The pace of change or the lack there of. While change and innovation is getting faster it just seems like it never comes fast enough.

Who in the world would you most like to spend a day with?
My grandfather.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Never be late twice in a day. If you arrive late don’t leave late.

What’s your favourite pastime outside of work?
Sailing and golf.