rob finnie shares with us the way in which the nettl team reaches out to win new clients

We all know how competitive the market is nowadays. Options are endless and sometimes is very difficult to stand out and make the cut. Unless you are very creative with your strategy to win new clients and your company can prove it’s worth, it could all be down to price.

Luckily, there are other printers out there doing the best they can to add value to their clients and Nettl is one of those. Shoutout to Prokom member Rob Finnie for sharing these videos with us!

Already last November, Rob told us a few things about himself and the evolution of his business. “In 2014 we saw our clients needs change. The world had changed and now printing was only part of the marketing mix. Our clients wanted Websites. They wanted SEO. They wanted Signage. They wanted to exhibit. What did this mean for our printing business? Well, we saw across our network that if we were not able to service our client’s new digital needs, then we lost the ‘creative relationship’ and all the print work that went with it. So we adapted. We needed to survive. We changed to meet clients new priorities. We launched Nettl. Now we offer all of the services our clients need in our studios and in our partner business. We grew again. Now, by talking to our clients about websites and SEO,  we generate more opportunities to talk to our clients about print. We now sell more print to more clients than we ever did before.”

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