GB Mail expands offering with paper wrap, an eco-friendly alternative to polywrap

With the entire world becoming more conscious about single-use plastics and trying to find eco-friendly alternatives, is time now for the print industry to finally do something about it.

We spoke with Joe Ghadami, Managing Director of GB Mail, who said: “I am pleased to announce that GB Mail can now add paper wrapping to its range of mailing services, alongside our expertise in traditional poly and potato starch wrap enclosing. This enables us to offer existing and new clientele the ability to produce 100% recyclable eco-friendly paper packs with immediate effect, keeping us at the very forefront of sustainable mailing solutions. We pride ourselves on continued sustainability, have an affiliation with the Woodland Trust, and will ensure all paper used in this new offering is FSC & PEFC certified and fully recyclable. Clients shall benefit from an in-line inkjet system for high speed personalisation, as well as being able to wrap products ranging from A5 to A4 and beyond in either plain or printed paper wrap.”

To learn more about the problems of the printing industry with plastic and why it’s so important to act now, read here the article Not so plastic fantastic from the Print Business Magazine.

Shoutout to Prokom member GB Mail for getting ahead of the competition and launching their paper wrapping service!