christine yardley talks about the importance of user groups

Christine Yardley, President of PrintPanther, talks about the advantages of being a member of Prokom, Konica Minolta’s user community, and how user groups are a great source of information, troubleshooting resources, and networking opportunities.

Christine says, “I wasn’t really sure about the user group thing but I went to Budapest in June and I was kind of blown away. First of all about what I learned but also it was good talking to people about common problems. They understood what I was talking about and we were able to solve things together. I thought that was really neat and it reinforced my belief that a user group mentality is very important.

Prokom brings people together with the same problems but also the same victories. Because I had the first MGI in Canada I learned everything the hard way so I was able to share some of the shortcuts I take now or laminations that I like better. I was really happy with the fact that I was able to give other people that information.”

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