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Find out all the latest news from the Konica Minolta global newsroom.


why do so many people love print on paper?

The infographic is designed to bust key myths about the switch from paper to digital and further expose unsubstantiated and misleading corporate claims about…


drupa global trends report reflects positivity, including confidence among commercial printers

The 5th drupa Global Trends Report will be released end of April 2018. Printers and suppliers from the majority of market sectors reported growing confidence in…

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find out how to add incredible page value!

Check out these spectacular examples of how foil can bring any printed piece into a whole new class of brand awareness, including an example from one of my favorite beverages…

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konica minolta launches its monochrome flagship system

Konica Minolta has launched what it calls a monochrome flagship system claiming it can help printers boost profitability, productivity and workflows…

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restructure at konica minolta marketing services

Konica Minolta Marketing Services has restructured its senior management to integrate the teams from acquisitions Charterhouse PM, Indicia and Ergo…