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Prokom è la community degli utenti di Konica Minolta.

Prokom è la piattaforma dove potete trovare ricerche di mercato, informazioni e strumenti pratici che vi consentiranno di mantenervi meglio informati e più produttivi e, in definitiva, vi assicureranno profitti superiori.

A Prokom crediamo che l’importante non sia solo ciò che fate, ma quello che rendete possibile con il vostro operato.

5-6 giugno

conferenza prokom 2019

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Disponibile per tutti gli utenti Konica Minolta dotati di un numero di serie valido. Nessun costo di iscrizione.

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Utilizza il nostro contenuto per mantenerti aggiornato/a sui più recenti trend, approfondimenti e consigli del settore


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Iscrivi tutti i tuoi colleghi per ottenere una produttività superiore e vendite maggiori

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better management

Even if your job title doesn’t include “manager,” there’s a good chance you’ll have to handle some management duty sometime in your career. But being an effective manager is about more than just driving your employees to work harder.

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packaging & labels

Packaging is showing very strong growth trends, even when most other print markets are suffering either decline or static growth. This is why it has become a key area of focus for those who want to generate sustainable growth in the future.

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7 steps to becoming a good leader


CEOs often have to keep a number of plates spinning at the same time, meaning that being skilled in many different disciplines is essential. If you’re looking to develop your own expertise for a career path as a CEO, you need to ensure you are doing so in the right areas.

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10 benefits of hiring within


Deciding whether to reach out to your current professionals or look externally when it comes to filling a vacancy can be a difficult decision. However, offering new opportunities to professionals within your organization can have a range of unique benefits to be considered.

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6 time management secrets


Making the most of your time is one of the keys to success for any professional but do you know all of these time management secrets? Many people fall into the same old habits, which may not be making them as productive as they think.

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Business Healthcheck

controllo dello stato di salute dell’azienda

La Scorecard dell’azienda online vi consentirà di stabilire lo stato di salute della vostra azienda e identificare le aree da migliorare.

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personality in print

Jan Arjen de Jong
Owner | Colorspace BV

Incontrate Jan Arjen


premi prokom

Prokom Innovation Awards – celebrare il meglio della stampa e le persone che lo producono .

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how to make a business plan succeed

There are a number of good business practices that are needed if any business plan is to prosper and this guide pulls these together into one place for ease of implementation. This month, we are giving it away for free. Simply, fill in the form on the right and you will get this incredible resource straight away.

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Trovate risposte alle vostre domande e partecipate alla conversazione nel forum Prokom o attraverso il vostro canale social preferito.

È in corso una discussione sulla stampa a getto d’inchiostro e sul GDPR!


how to manage your business more effectively

In a world where most printers offer reasonable quality print at a competitive price and with good customer service, the competitive edge can be small and it is often the little things that make the difference and offer a sustainable competitive advantage. This subject embraces a range of management practices that successful printers have used to make the difference.

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ultime novità

six times brands got political in their advertising

In a time of social unrest, more and more brands are using their advertising budgets to take a political stance. Here are six times they have got involved; for better or for worse.

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prokom conference 2018

highlights: quotes, photos and more

The second Prokom annual conference in Budapest on the 6th and 7th of June was widely acknowledged as a resounding success from both Konica Minolta and the Prokom members. But don’t just take our word for it and see for yourself!

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