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gdpr. ready?

Is your business ready for the GDPR come 25th May?

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investing in inkjet?

Inkjet page volume is exploding and is forecasted to hit 60% of all digital pages printed by 2019. Do you have a plan for adoption of inkjet?

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making the next investment really pay!


The market for most printers in most countries in Europe is best described as ‘soft’ ie demand is weak, prices are falling and job margins are squeezed. The combination of a weak economy slow to recover from the 2008 global recession and the impact of digital communications is severe. For most the only ‘solution’ is to run faster – squeeze more work through the same overheads and labour and thereby increase turnover.

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the language of light


The following resource has been developed to provide readers with an overview into the measurement of light, some of the terminology used and the types of instrumentation that is available to produce accurate and repeatable measurements of light sources, fixtures or environments.

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3 ways to move social media contacts into your sales pipeline

Sales & Marketing

Social media is all about creating warm prospects and a sales pipeline” the purpose of business-to-business social media is rarely to make a direct sale. Instead we should be using social media to connect with the right prospects and make them ready to move into our sales pipeline outside of social media.

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Business Healthcheck

business health check

This online Business Scorecard helps you find out how healthy your business is and which areas can be improved.

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Guy Thornbery

personality in print

Guy Thornbery
Print Operations Manager – UK Mail

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Inkjet and GDPR discussion happening now!

Only one week until #GDPR comes into place. For tips, guidance and resources, take a look at our GDPR hot topic page for #prokom members https://t.co/PwLf6pGhIN

Our first keynote speaker at #ProkomConference2018 is businessman, leader, strategist and adventurer, @kevindgaskell, who will be talking about how to achieve extraordinary results in business. https://t.co/G1Cp8VuNeP


shaping colour control to business course

Colour is now the life-blood of every print business and critical to its continued growth and success. The world of print is moving to full colour and there is no place for poor colour control or inconsistent print results.

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Konica Minolta named 2017 World Technology Awards finalist



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