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Who We Are

About us

PROKOM is a member community of Konica Minolta users run by the members for the members.

Our aim is to build an environment for business transformation and grow a community of profitable businesses through education, networking and shared experience.

In a 24/7 online world, the future of print is evolving and becoming increasingly challenging. PROKOM provides its members with relevant information, business tools, strategic direction and practical support, which allows them to thrive and grow.

At PROKOM we're passionate about improving our members' businesses. Our hands-on approach involves continuous development, constant feedback and knowledge sharing.

PROKOM members are our greatest assets and we're dedicated to investing in their future, in the most effective ways possible.
Board of directors

The PROKOM Board of Directors is made up of Konica Minolta users and a senior Konica Minolta representative. The objective of the Board is to have active representatives from all four of the member clusters and that potential recruits should emerge from the regular dealings with members and be nominated by other Board members, to ensure they are committed to the following PROKOM core values and responsibilities.

PROKOM Core Values
PROKOM understands the most critical issues and challenges facing the print community.
Together at PROKOM we can leverage the power of print and change the direction and future of our businesses.
PROKOM members are the motivation behind everything we do.
PROKOM Board Responsibilities
Setting the strategic direction of PROKOM and agreeing how this can be translated into a full programme within the limits of the available budget.
Setting the PROKOM budget and ensuring that expenditure is both in line with that budget and offers good value for money.
Regularly reviewing the programme of activities at quarterly board meetings, to ensure it meets the strategic objectives.
"I believe in the PROKOM community, as it is a game changer for anyone who is a Konica Minolta user. It represents a significant investment by the PROKOM team into my business. At a membership level it will help all of us to grow and represents great value for money. I'm excited about the opportunity ahead and look forward to meeting all the members.”
Andy Barber, Chairman of the Board

Register today for free and discover innovative ideas, expert advice and cutting-edge technology. View benefits
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