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why not make e-learning courses part of your staff appraisal and development?

prokom e-learning

Prokom e-learning is designed to help print companies educate and train their staff in a variety of different topics. These range from technical subjects like colour management and workflow to management subjects like hiring digital sales staff and business planning.

Shaping print to business courses are a very useful four step introduction to a subject that includes a white paper, an assessment guide, a case study and an implementation guide to get you started. How to courses provide more in depth learning with six lessons comprising of quizzes, knowledge checks and downloadable tools to make sure you can put the learning into practice.

application courses

These courses range from variable data printing and cross media to wide format and book printing. They allow you to learn and plan for the introduction of new applications into your business.

Want to grow and diversify your business? This is the place to start.

management courses

These courses are all about running a more professional and focused business. The subjects range from, business planning to marketing, sales and social media. All the essential components for achieving success in the future.

Want a vision and a plan to future proof your business? Here’s where to start.

production courses

These courses are all about efficiency, cost reduction and improving productivity. They are designed to educate and train prepress and operational staff. Get everyone involved so your business can be more efficient and competitive.

Want to improve your results and make more money? Here’s where to start.

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