Prokom Conference 2018

prokom conference 2018

Thank you to everybody who attended the Prokom Conference in Budapest, and for helping to make it such a success. Keep an eye out this week for highlights of the event.
Kevin Gaskell

kevin gaskell

Kevin Gaskell is an extraordinary leader who took iconic brands, such as Porsche, BMW and Lamborghini, to unprecedented levels of success. Kevin believes that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.

Francois Martin

francois martin

Francois Martin is an independent Senior Graphic Industry Consultant and Digital Print Evangelist. Having spent 12 years with HP, Francois has gained considerable insight into the challenges print service providers face in today’s changing world.

Marco Boer

marco boer

Marco Boer is Vice President of I.T. Strategies and has more than 25 years of experience in advising and guiding senior executives of Fortune 1000 and smaller innovative companies to successful business solutions in emerging digital printing markets.

Miles Hilton-Barber

miles hilton-barber

Charming, erudite, captivating… a well stocked oxygen supply is needed to list the achievements of Miles Hilton-Barber. Miles has undertaken the most extreme endurance events which he uses to inspire businesses and personnel.

Until 12:00
Arrival of conference attendees and check-in

12:30 – 14:00
Lunch networking and Partner Zone

14.00 – 14:10
Welcome by the Prokom Chairman, Andy Barber

14.10 – 14:15

Welcome by Daniel Szekely MD for Konica Minolta Hungary

14.15 – 15.15

‘The path to extraordinary performance’, Kevin Gaskell

15.15 – 16.00

Tea & coffee break, networking and Partner Zone

16.00 – 17:00

‘Taking advantage of today’s changing world of print’, Francois Martin

17.00 – 17:15

Closing Day 1, by Neil Falconer

18.30 – 20:00

Evening Get Together & Networking, drinks and finger food

08.00 – 09:00
Morning coffee, networking and Partner Zone. Prokom focus group led by Hans Huijsing

09:00 – 09.15
Welcome back and key messages from Day 1, by Neil Falconer

09:15 – 10.15
Technology and Innovation session, led by Marco Boer

10:15 – 10.30
Instruction session for breakouts, by Neil Falconer

10:30 – 11.00
Tea & coffee break, networking and Partner Zone

11.00 – 11.40
1st breakout session (choose 1 of 4)

11.50 – 12.30
2nd breakout session (choose 1 of 4)

12.30 – 14.00
Lunch networking and Partner Zone

14.00 – 14:45
Feedback from experts and panel debate
Moderator: Marco Boer
Panel: Francois Martin, Joelle Chen, Charles Lissenburg and Daniel Baier

15.00 – 15.45
‘Don’t let your past determine your future’, get inspired with Miles Hilton Barber

15.45 – 16.00
Summary by Neil Falconer
Conference closure by Andy Barber, Prokom Chairman

17.00 – 19:00
Sightseeing Tour of Budapest

Celebration Dinner

Please select your breakout sessions when registering for the conference. Each delegate can attend two sessions. Places are limited, so book your preferred options now.

1. Finishing – Differentiation and adding value to the printed page

Expert / Facilitator – Francois Martin

2. Inkjet – What to buy and when to invest

Expert / Facilitator – Marco Boer

3. How to transform your business by entering new markets

Expert / Facilitator – Neil Falconer

4. The future of colour control
Expert / Facilitator – Paul Sherfield

Bus and boat tour along the  Danube with 2 stops – Visegrád and Szentendre

Start from the hotel

Arrival at Visegrád

10:30 – 11:00
Cruise on the Danube 

Castle Visit

12:00 – 13:30
Lunch at the Restaurant


Walking Tour in Szentendre


Return to Budapest


Arrival at the Hotel

breakout sessions

We’ve added four technical and business tracks.

more networking time

The conference is now over 2 days with more opportunities to connect.

more innovation and trend information

We’ve added more sessions on those subjects too.

more features

We’ve added the Prokom Partner Zone.

live translations

We’ve added translations in four languages.