Business Zone

business zone

The business zone is where you can find research, information and practical tools, which will help you become better informed, more productive and ultimately more profitable.

hot topics

Prokom will focus on a series of Hot Topics on a range of different subjects. Each topic will provide a detailed analysis of that subject, from a variety of different industry perspectives. It will include, blogs, video interviews, trend analysis, white papers and practical guides from industry experts and Prokom partners.


Managers have to manage by facts and data and need quality information to make the best business decisions. This section provides the latest views from industry experts and practical guidance on how to improve your overall business performance and grow new sales revenue.


The production section is all about efficiency and higher productivity. There is a range of practical information, technical self-help tools and tips ‘n tricks videos to minimize downtime and reduce cost.

How can we support you better? What type of content do you want more of?

are you surviving or thriving?

Most print businesses focus only on operational improvements to survive – faster machines, better workflow, reductions in cost and waste.

Then there are businesses that are striving with a focus on Innovation – offering a new product, a new business model, a new application, something that gives them a (temporary) competitive edge.

At Prokom we know that a combination of both will allow a print business to thrive.