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trends impacting 2023

We are blessed with the ability to adapt fast and well to almost any circumstances, yet cursed with high levels of anxiety about change. It is only when we come face-to-face with crises that our worries drop away and our innate resourcefulness kicks in.

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Labels are a way to communicate effectively and create a real consumer experience. All this is being driven by new customer behaviours, new regulations, environmental concerns and the availability of new digital print technologies.

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investment and integration

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Digital communications have revolutionised the way we communicate as consumers, yet too often within our printing companies we still use broadly the same processes in both back office and workflow that we were using a generation ago.

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adding new services guide

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It is now important that print providers think about adding complimentary services which integrate with print and add value to the printed product itself. The critical factors are which services to offer and how to market and sell them effectively.


25 ways to make money in print

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When nothing much is changing, finding better ways to do what we’ve always done is good enough. But our industry isn’t simply changing — it is being redefined, restructured and customer demands are reshaping our services and products.



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print awakens

You must watch this video on Extreme Digital Guide!! A review of the Extreme Digital Guide by Print Panther

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business recovery guide

Pandemic Plans differ slightly from traditional disaster recovery and business continuity plans in that they focus more on people and somewhat less on technology.


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show me the money

You hear people banging on about process efficiency, yet too often we find that it’s taken twice as long to get something done than it should have.

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is your brand digitally prepared?

Due to recent developments relating to COVID-19, the way you communicate with your audience will need to change and adapt.

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