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Welcome to 2021 – a time to plan and build for the future

Following the challenges of last year, it’s important to adopt a positive mindset and get off to the best possible start in 2021. In this video, print and media analyst, Neil Falconer shares the key factors on how to plan for the year ahead and build a brighter future for your print company.

fast track your marketing
services in 2021

In today’s unstable business climate, the race for survival is on. Everyone is searching for new ways to generate new leads, increase sales revenue and help their business stand out from the crowd. The simple solution is to combine marketing services with your current print service offering. In doing this, your company will be able to:

• Sell a solution which resonates with a much larger audience, instead of just selling your print services/products to businesses who aren’t interested.

• Automate its marketing efforts – saving time and resources.

• Grow and future proof your business by adding an extra revenue stream.

• Become more valuable to prospects and be recognised as an innovator.

To discover how easy it is to add marketing as a service and grow your business in 2021, take a look at the free resources below.

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When processes are automated they’re more efficient and cost effective. It’s a simple fact but it’s one that printers seem to have mixed views on. They either wholeheartedly embrace automation, or ignore it preferring to have a little bit of automation but not a totally automated workflow.

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crisis management

We are all going to continue facing unprecedented challenges in 2021. To help Prokom members through this period of uncertainty, we’ve created several valuable resources to help your print company stay on track and develop smarter ways of working.

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investment and integration

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Digital communications have revolutionised the way we communicate as consumers, yet too often within our printing companies we still use broadly the same processes in both back office and workflow that we were using a generation ago.

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adding new services guide

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It is now important that print providers think about adding complimentary services which integrate with print and add value to the printed product itself. The critical factors are which services to offer and how to market and sell them effectively.


25 ways to make money in print

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When nothing much is changing, finding better ways to do what we’ve always done is good enough. But our industry isn’t simply changing — it is being redefined, restructured and customer demands are reshaping our services and products.


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fast track to marketing

If you want to fast track your business by adding marketing services to your existing print offering, this is an unmissable opportunity. View our video below.

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print awakens

You must watch this video on Extreme Digital Guide!! A review of the Extreme Digital Guide by Print Panther

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your team assessment

Depending on whether you have been partially or completely operational already, you may well have introduced initial measures to help your team already. This is the time to step back and consider how effective they are and whether you could improve matters.

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your customer assessment

Two thirds of Prokom members in a continuing online survey stated that a lack of sales is the biggest challenge as we recover from this crisis. Yet as always there is much that you can do to improve matters with the right will and commitment. Work through these questions and see if you are doing all you could to help your own company.

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operations assessment

Even if there is a recovering level of demand for goods and services, getting everyone back to work safely and effectively will not be easy. The ‘new normal’ will require many changes in both office and manufacturing. Here are the questions that will prompt a comprehensive review.

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