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In nature, it’s not the strongest that survive, it’s the most adaptable to change. The world of business success rests on those same foundations. This isn’t just an on-trend hot topic that affects the print industry.

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Competition is generally high and customers will always throw barriers and challenges in your pathway. This hot topic offers sales tactics and strategy advice, provides the skills that will help you stand out and looks at how customer profiling can help you hear ‘yes’ more often.

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go green and benefit your business

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Every business can benefit from minimising its environmental impact. Complying with environmental laws and doing your bit to help the planet also delivers direct business benefits. Reducing waste has an immediate effect on your bottom line.

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turning the print industry green

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A growing number of print and production companies are attaining eco-credentials, which is good news for green-aware clients such as BSkyB and First Direct. But does the effort involved deliver benefits to the printers themselves?

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saving costs by going green

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Saving costs and being greener often go hand-in-hand. As savings come straight off your overheads, this effectively increases your profit without having to increase turnover.

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Rob Finnie

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Robert Finnie
Commercial Director | Grafenia PLC (Nettl.com)

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how to find, win and keep new customers

It is very difficult to sell a product or service to somebody when you have no deep understanding of the world in which they operate. That’s why you need to talk to your customers regularly and keep your finger on the pulse, it’s incredibly important. You must know their business challenges and what is going on in their minds to best serve them. You need to talk to them about their business, their issues and challenge, what they aspire to and what their goals are. Most importantly you need to understand what’s stopping them achieving their goals.

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GB Mail expands offering with paper wrap, an eco-friendly alternative to polywrap

With the entire world becoming more conscious about single-use plastics and trying to find eco-friendly alternatives, is time now for the print industry to finally do something about it.

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prokom conference 2019

highlights: quotes, photos and more

The third Prokom annual conference in Valencia was widely acknowledged as a resounding success from both Konica Minolta and the Prokom members. But don’t just take our word for it and see for yourself!

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